Scouting the Parkway

We departed Asheville late Monday, September 4. Spent the night in Abington, VA. Rusty and Mary Ann’s neighbor is from this part of Virginia and insisted we stop at an old restaurant in Draper, VA, and sample their French toast. Of course we did and it resulted in a late start. At Roanoke, we made our way to the Blue Ridge Parkway and drove our first three bike rides backward. In other words, we got on about Parkway mile marker 126 and drove to mile marker 0. This gave us an idea of what we’re facing on our first three rides, starting tomorrow. I commented that I wanted to return to our hotel in Abington and put my head under the covers.

However, we knew what we were getting into so the adventure begins first thing in the morning. Day 1 is a ride from mile 0 to mile 46. It appears we are facing about 4,500 feet of climbing. Mary Ann will meet us at the junction of mile marker 46 and VA highway 60 and shuttle us to Lexington, VA where we have hotel reservations.

I snapped this photo along the way. For those friends who reside in the Asheville area, this will look all too familiar. However, the peaks in the background are where we started near Roanoke and offer a glimpse of what’s ahead. We’re excited and eager to get on our bicycles. More to follow tomorrow evening from Lexington, VA. All the best to everyone.

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