A New Challenge

Right after Labor Day, I, along with Rusty McCain, a co-rider from my ride across America, intend to cycle the entirety of the Blue Ridge Parkway. At 469 miles, this may sound like a lark compared to our 4,200-mile journey across America but this will be no walk in the park.

3 Ways to Explore Craggy Gardens on the Blue Ridge Parkway - Road Trips & Coffee Travel Blog

We’re riding the Parkway north to south starting at Rockfish Gap, VA, and ending in Cherokee, NC. We plan to do this ride in 11 days, an average of just 43 miles per day but we will climb 4000 feet or more per day, a difficult task on a bicycle. In addition to 11 days of cycling, we’re taking two rest days along the way as an opportunity to explore unique areas along the Parkway.

When I have internet connectivity, I will blog and include photographs of the stunning scenery. Please join us on this magnificent journey.  More info on the Blue Ridge Parkway is on the “Why” page.