January 2023

When Pam and I look at a new restaurant or a movie, we habitually check the reviews. The same is true for books. If you purchased my book Journey of Discovery – a narrative of loss, aging, training, and what’s important – 62 Days on the TransAmerica Trail, it would be great if you would submit a review to Amazon. You do not have to leave your name.

To write a review, go to the page in Amazon where you ordered my book. Scroll to where you see the box that says Customer Reviews (left-hand side of the page)along with the star rating symbols. Just below you see Review this product with a box to write your review.

I look forward to hearing from you via my blog or through your review.



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After a seemingly endless series of proofreading efforts, I submitted the final version of my manuscript to Amazon’s KDP publishing house this morning. The final approval process takes a few days. Once I receive the OK that both versions are available on Amazon, I will initiate my marketing program.

Self-published authors must rely on word-of-mouth advertising and other methods of publicity. I will send emails to my friends and former colleagues in the business and education worlds. I will also send a press announcement to my undergraduate and graduate universities, a few newspapers, and magazines.

According to others who self-published, by far the best source of marketing are friends and family members who spread the word.  Writing this book, like our ride across America was a challenge. But, just like the actual ride itself, it was a labor of love. I hope that you enjoy it. Please let me know your thoughts by responding to this blog or, if you choose to purchase a book, leave a review on Amazon. To leave a comment, click on the box “Read More.” Click on comment, and a box will appear, post your thoughts, and hit send comment.

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