Trip Support

Mary Ann McCain, Rusty’s wife, has once again generously offered her services to act as our support vehicle driver. Lodging along the Parkway is limited and at our age, camping is not our forte. At the end of the day’s ride, Mary Ann will meet us at strategic spots along the Parkway and shuttle us to towns like Lexington, VA., Roanoke, VA., and Boone, NC where we have hotel reservations. Four nights will be spent at locations directly on the Parkway, a couple of which we’re a bit concerned but we’ll make do. Thanks, Mary Ann – Without your efforts, this trip, like our ride across America would not be possible.

Book Support

Thanks to the support of so many, my book continues to sell. I have had the great pleasure of speaking to book clubs and other organizations about my book and our journey across America.

I welcome additional speaking opportunities. I am working to audition for a Ted Talk but these are hyper-competitive and the talk themes you have to adhere to can be cumbersome, so who knows? Please let me know if you, or someone you know, might be interested in discussing a speaking opportunity, whether it be an in-person event or something remote via Zoom.