Prepping for our Blue Ridge Parkway Ride

We depart Asheville on Monday, September 4, Labor Day, for northern Virginia. We’re getting a late start due to a major cycling event in Asheville that day. We should arrive in Waynesboro, VA mid-day on Tuesday, the 5th. That gives Rusty and me time to settle in and take our bikes for a short ride to loosen our legs and be ready to start the serious ride on Wednesday, September 6.

Rusty and I will be by ourselves, supported once again by his wife, Mary Ann for about two-thirds of the ride. As we get closer to Asheville, we’re taking a rest day in Little Switzerland, NC. This spot on the highway is aptly named, The scenery, reminiscent of scenes in Switzerland, is stunning.

Pam will join us for the rest day. Two friends of Rusty and Mary Ann will also join us along with two, perhaps three of our friends from the Asheville Blue Ridge Bicycle Club. This group will complete the final three legs of this ride, arguably the most challenging. The good news is we will be close enough to Asheville to be able to sleep in our own beds.

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