BRPW Ride #8

Best day ever! Or, certainly one of the best days. We departed Boone, NC around 9:00 a.m. heading toward Little Switzerland, NC. Easy going for a couple of miles then, just before a stout 6.5-mile climb, suddenly, about 100 yards ahead, a huge black bear was crossing the Parkway. Thank goodness were were far enough away we could brake, allowing him to cross into the woods, but what a sight!

We completed the climb which put us within a few miles of the Lin Cove Viaduct. The scenery was breathtaking. As we rode closer to this engineering marvel, we could see perhaps 100 miles or more in the crystal clear NC blue skies. The Lin Cove Viaduct hugs Grandfather Mountain and is considered an engineering marvel. We were fortunate that no vehicles passed us as we cycled blissfully over this magnificent roadway, spellbound by the epic scenery. Just before entering the viaduct, we stopped, squinted, and could make out the pedestrian bridge atop Grandfather Mountain. Majestic is the word that comes to mind describing today’s ride.

We planned to ride to Little Switzerland, where we had reservations. However, spurred on by the glory of our ride, we decided to tack on an additional 4 miles and knock out an early grueling climb when we resume cycling on Saturday. Today’s ride totaled 46.04 miles with close to 4,900 feet of climbing.

Pam drove up from our home in Asheville this afternoon. We’re taking a rest day tomorrow before embarking on the final three rides of this adventure. It is great to have her with us and we’ll find something fun to do tomorrow. She is making great headway in her recovery from her terrible fall six weeks ago which resulted in hip surgery.

I close by saying that on more than one occasion today, as we rode along, I looked up to the skies above and gave thanks that He created this majestic area and that I am so blessed to be able to ride my bicycle and take in the splendor around me. We enjoyed a fantastic dinner at the Little Switzerland Inn with Rusty and Mary Ann. Good friends and great traveling companions.

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